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Friends Only
If you want to be added.I would have to read your journal for a few weeks until i feel comfortable to add you.I just dont want drama in my journal...
ex friends
ex lovers
ex jackass
and etc...

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I'm sure glad i'm on the good EX list...maybe because i'm not a Crazy Bitch just a KRAZY FOOL! Right?

yup and your more then just a ex gf..your just..oh nevermind you already know..(its a good thing)

(Deleted comment)
I will add you cause you turn my friend on..lol
and you seem like a good person

add you back...welcome to my world of confused lesbain..lol

HEY! I just wanted to say that your LJ background is gorgeous! & I was wondering if you have all the tour pictures that BIG! Like the one where she is in bed in her bra? If you do have that, can you like send it to me or something? I've been dying to find that picture in a big version! Thank you so much if you do!! Please let me know!

yeah,i know that one...all you have to do is go to
and scoll down to "wallpaper" they should have it there

awsome lay out!!!

wanna be friends?
mine is friends only too though....so i dont know how you'd read it.

let me know

okay..cool lets be friends!! thanks for the comment.i loveeeeeeeee britney!!

great :D

i love britney tons too!!!

You have been added to feverishly. Please remember to always follow the rules (credit, comment, don't direct link, LJ use only) and we should have no problems at all :) Thank you for adding me. If you have not yet added me, please do so asap. Thanks.

thats how i got you the first time, mayb it will work on here too...

Hey Maryann, it's Lisa - Jer's friend, add me!

(Deleted comment)
awww you will be good :) lol

join my lesbo storys :)

(Deleted comment)
with the guy grabbing on some ass?

thats actually Britney Spears..lol i know
I'm a big fan of hers :) shh dont tell anyone...

add me?
put me to the test and read me for a few weeks..

I found you through the bisexuality is love bar, i checked the creators LJ and found you on his friends list and your username called my attention ;-)

(Deleted comment)
i had add you! your so damn CUTE!!! holllaaa! welcome to my journal even if i dont update much but i will soon :) thanks for the add

Yoga pa

Incredible this site was wonderful. Great efforts and/and also carry on the great work. Bless you for the post now this works well for us

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