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i hate myself right now. i just read "spoiler" for "sex and the city"...i should have just waited for saturday. I'm sad....to know what is going to happen to my favorite couple in the movie.

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You are going to love it my dear...and remember, "love never goes out of style".

See you tonight at my party!!

yup, i will see you tonight! i will be walking from my apt

i don't wanna know
i did have a clue from some interviews...
i can't believe they'd make a movie that would upset the fans! Every1 who loves SATC loved Big and Carrie!
I can't wait to see it

hehe, i'ev been real careful where to click whenever i'm online, i'm not sure yet when i'll be seeing the movie and i don't want to accidentally hit any spoilers beforehand.

Hey, MA, did you went to see the movie? Hope you liked it...but I'm sure you did...
You lucky girl...I have to wait probably another month to see it in Belgium...
Have a great Sunday !!!

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