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gay marriage is legal in calif

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California is now the second state aside from massachusetts to legalize same sex marriage. Woohoo
So i guess alot of people will be getting married after 2 weeks of dating? because you know gay people fall in love and move in together so fast..they end up wanting to get married. Well if you do congrats! Make sure you have a "prenup" and have a good lawyer. Marriage is a serious thing.
I think i will stay with the whole giving each other rings for now than getting married. I mean I dont know if chinea and i are really ready for marriage because like i said its a serious thing. I just want to make sure things are set. But than again people never know on marriage anyways.
For a long time i wasnt for gay marriage but you know what i am for it now maybe alot of gay people will take "marriage" serious because ive had friends that said "i am married to So and SO" and end up breaking up 3mths later and move out of there apts. I've seen that alot. I mean think of all the lesbians and gay man that would have been married they would have had about 5 to 8 divorce by now. Crazy.

anyways woohoo go gay marriages

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Divorce Lawyers are going to make bank!!!

You know the only ones who are really going to benefit from this are the DIVORCE lawyers. Gay men, especially can be so fickle in relationships. You know if there is a divorce, it is going to get UGLY. And, who is gonna make off with bank? The freaking divorce lawyers that represent gay and lesbian couples. That is a profession I wouldn't mind getting into if this sticks - LOL

Divorces ARE ugly but the option to divorce comes with marriage, and both should be basic rights available to people regardless of sexuality. Yes there will be people who will make haste decisions and marry, but thats the beauty of now having that right to do so. YOU now have an option TO marry. That didn't exist before.

Gay relationships are ify, especially in LA...but at the same time there are x amount of unknown same sex couples and parents that have children. These same sex couples can now protect their families under the law. Or perhaps an older gay couple who have been together for x amount of years can finally experience the same legal commitment that their str8 counter parts have.

Sure there will be those gays who get married just to get married, but don't straight people do that shit all the time? Anti-gay marriage viewpoints have always brought up the 'divorce' situation as if gays are going to bring the divorce rate up. No where is the divorce rate higher than in the Bible belt. Gay people should not be the blame on the faults and mistakes that straight people have made with marriage.

I don't believe that gay divorces will ever be higher than straight divorces. Simply due to the straight/gay ratio. I think because the anti-gay stigma that has prevented gays from marrying, will make the gay community take marriage more seriously. We've watched straight people mess up their own relationships...weither it be in real life or tv. As a community we can learn from their mistakes.

you know i love to hear everyone's opinion! thank you to the people that did reply to this entry.

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